1. June 2009

The company was awarded the Independent Distributor of the Most Satisfied Sustainable Supply Capability by the survey of the Distributor of Electronic Components in International Electronic Commerce, the authoritative electrician magazine of the World Resources Network.


2. In November 2011, Evergreen Shenzhen Branch became the vice-president company of “Shenzhen Chaoshan Junior Chamber of Commerce”. The company has a larger platform to communicate and learn with outstanding enterprises in various industries. Chairman of the Chamber, Li Weibiao (left 8), chairman of Shenzhen Coast Group, took photos with other leaders of the Chamber. The third from left is the general manager of the company, Jeff, the fifth is the executive vice president of the Youth Commission, and the executive director of Greater China International Group, Mr. Huang Dawei.

3. At the end of 2011, Jeff, General Manager of Evergreen was named "Guangdong Province 2011 Advanced Entrepreneurship Individual" and was invited as a representative to participate in the province's Human Resources and Social Security Work Conference, this honor includes the efforts of all Evergreen people. Xiao Zhiheng, the standing committee member of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and executive deputy governor (the first one in the back row), presented the honorary certificates to the delegates.

Lin Zelian, vice president of Shenzhen Chaoshan Youth Chamber of Commerce, was invited as a representative of Shenzhen Shantou University Alumni Association to participate in Mr. Li Ka-shing's private dinner at the Shantou University on June 25, 2015. He was in close contact with Mr. Li Ka-shing and took a close photo.

       The annual graduation ceremony is the grandest carnival of Shantou University. Every year, Mr. Li Ka-shing will go to Shantou University to give a graduation speech for the students at the graduation ceremony. At the private dinner hosted by Mr. Li Ka-shing, members of the foundation, important provincial and municipal leaders, professors from famous universities, outstanding teachers and outstanding students were invited to participate in the dinner and further build up friendship.
And this year, Mr. Li Ka-shing’s dinner specially invited only two distinguished alumni representatives to participate. One of them is Mr. Lin Zelian, the vice president of Shenzhen Chaoshan Youth Chamber of Commerce and the representative of Shenzhen Shantou University Friendship Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Lin Zelian, as a new generation of Chaoshan youth, has been adhering to the spirit of innovation and efforts, and has successively established Evergreen, Bigeyes Tour, a tourism agency.
Evergreen is a global supplier of electronic components, whose services cover optoelectronic projection, computer and network equipment, mobile communications, automotive electronics, consumer electronics medical equipment, precision instruments, control systems, digital products and new energy applications.
On the other hand, as the founder of Bigeyes Tour, Mr. Lin Zelian loves traveling. Mr. Lin traveled around the country during his overseas study. Different regional cultures and different customs brought him an unprecedented travel experience. This also allowed Mr. Lin to make many like-minded friends, which prompted him to get unexpected harvest in his career and life.
Mr. Lin’s heart has been close to China’s traveling, and he always pays attention to the development of the domestic and international tourism industry. After nearly a decade of economic development and social change, Mr. Lin believes that people should enjoy high-end private customized travel services, and open a new situation in China's tourism industry, so he set up Bigeyes Tour in May 2012 with a sincere heart to  let people have a more exciting travel experience, discover the world with a new and perfect travel lifestyle.

5. Ping An Bank awarded our company Honest Partners in 2015

       Ping An Bank awarded our company“2015 Ping An Bank Loan Safe and Honest Partner”. 

       In the past eight years, our company has been adhering to the concept of customer first, honesty management, and seeking better service, and always provides customers with quality products and services as an excellent team, and is therefore trusted and supported by customers and friends.