Lin Danming, Vice President of the University of Hong Kong, visited Shenzhen to guide the work of the Alumni Chamber of Commerce


        In this meeting, Lin Zelian, vice president of Shenzhen Chaoshan Youth Chamber of Commerce, delivered a report on the recent work. The preparations for the Chamber of Commerce have been widely recognized and highly praised by people from all walks of life. (Ke Hua, the former member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the famous Chinese diplomat, Zhuang Lixiang, the former secretary of the Shantou Municipal Party Committee, the former deputy secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the former Shenzhen Municipal Law Committee Secretary, the chairman of the Shenzhen Business Federation, Li Youlie, the former Shenzhen Municipal Committee The Standing Committee, the former garrison area commander, and other people from all walks of life also gave their full support and provided assistance for the smooth construction and development of the Chamber of Commerce.) At present, the Chamber of Commerce has recruited nearly 50 first board members, and this year's recruitment task has been completed more than half. Over the past year, the Preparatory Committee has excavated a group of alumni who have a career foundation and are enthusiastic and enthusiastic about jointly building a service platform for the three alumni chambers of commerce, financing and international cooperation.

(From left: Chen Yan, Liang Ying, Liao Xuequan, Lin Danming, Lin Zelian, Luo Qibin, Lin Lin

        Lin reported to the recent Chamber of Commerce activities: On May 23, the Chamber of Commerce fully supported and sponsored the "Second Shantou Alumni Football Cup " as well as Shenzhen team members and cheerleaders to help them win the championship. In order to celebrate the return of the Shenzhen team, Lin personally sponsored a celebration banquet and discussed with the Shenzhen team alumni about the third Alumni Cup football match in Shenzhen next year; On June 10, a big crowdfunding project roadshow was organized by the Preparatory Committee, who aimed to hatch some key projects, assist the alumni with dreams and entrepreneurs in the early stage of entrepreneurship. The first batch of directors on June 12th held an appointment activity--I saw and fell in love. The outdoor activities also received the active participation of the majority of alumni and warm response. The Preparatory Committee is committed to building a group of motivated and cohesive teams to serve alumni at home and abroad. The next roadshow project and symposium as well as the offline alumni theme exchange activities will be in full swing, and alumni from all over the country are invited to participate.

        Lin Danming, Vice-President of Shantou University and his team signed a contract with the US partner so as to help teachers and students seek more opportunities for communication. He said that the university's international cooperation has evolved from "project grasping" to "platform leading" and entered the 2.0 era. The school hopes to follow the trend and create a broad international exchange platform to provide students with more opportunities to study abroad, and at the same time assist alumni to start a business and open up international entrepreneurial innovation channels.

        Recently, the Israel Institute of Technology and Shantou University are working together to build Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The project was successfully carried out under the strong promotion of the Li Ka-shing Foundation. It has been approved by the Ministry of Education and entered the preparatory stage. In this meeting, President Lin shared a lot of interesting people and things in the preparation process and looked forward to the bright future. President Lin, Director Liao and members of the Alumni Chamber of Commerce exchanged ideas and discussed together. They deeply felt the unity and dedication of Shenzhen alumni and placed high hopes on them. They hope to promote the development of alumni entrepreneurship projects by creating an incubation platform for alumni entrepreneurship projects, and combining the advanced team concept at home and abroad to provide alumni entrepreneurs with business exchanges, investment and financing planning and other forms of assistance.

        The photos of the two school leaders signing process are as follows:

        Washington State University Signing

        Vice-President Lin Danming and several school leaders at Shantou University took photos with relevant personnel at Washington State University

        Mr. Ming and several school leaders at Shantou University took photos with the relevant personnel at White State University