2018 Australia Tour


2018 is an extraordinary year for Evergreen. We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of establishment! Everyone's face is filled with a confident smile

"I am proud of Evergreen, I am proud of Evergreen "

At the same time, this year's performance is also a new high since its inception. The company made arrangements for the 8 days and 6 nights tour in Australia to thank everyone's contribution.

At 11:05 pm on December 23, we stayed overnight from Shenzhen Baoan Airport, arrived in Brisbane on December 24. 

In the early morning, under the guidance of the tour guide, we took a helicopter and a boat tour of international famous spots.

After enjoying the burdock meal in the evening, we stayed at the hotel. Christmas eve was around the corner, how lucky it is to have Christmas in Australia!

On December 25th, we enjoyed the sea breeze on the Gold Coast with a temperature of 20-29 degrees. 

After having buffet breakfast in Brisbane's five-star hotel, we came to the South Bank Park to walk, feel the Gold Coast to appreciate beautiful scenery. When the plane arrived in the evening after leaving Sydney sunset, we realized that we had already left the Surfers Paradise.

SOFITEL Hotel (the only five-star hotel in Darling Harbour) is our next destination. The travel company prepared a Christmas gift for all of us. We also prepared a birthday cake for our birthday colleagues, which made us feel sweet inside.

December 26, Sydney. 

In the early morning, many colleagues went to the open-air swimming pool on the top floor. After using SOFITEL's breakfast buffet, we came to "Bondi Beach" and then visited "Mary Church &Hyde Park, Sydney Opera House, Rocks..."

We had eaten an expensive seafood dinner at "Sydney Fish Market" and took a luxury cruise on the beach in the afternoon.

December 27, Sydney.

First stop in the morning: University of Sydney, Australia's most famous university for its 150th anniversary, is not a well-known, magnificent and sacred university. It would be amazing to have the opportunity to study here.

The spectacular scenery of Blue Mountain National Park is beyond reach. After lunch, we spent a quiet afternoon in the town of LEURA Lula.

In the evening we took a flight to Keynes and arrived at the hotel at night on December 27.

Keynes, 28 December

In the morning, we went to sea on a luxury cruise ship to get a panoramic view of the Great Barrier Reef.

Today, the most important thing is to swim, show your body and enjoy the Great Barrier Reef.

Because it rained for a while, on the way back to the hotel in the evening, we saw the rainbow and were very happy.

December 29, Cairns. 

We saw a lot of plants and animals that we had never seen before, and then took Army Duck to the Aboriginal villages to sing and dance with the Aboriginal people.

Then we saw marine life in Cairns aquarium.

After lunch, we continued to walk in the rainforest and some of our colleagues went to supermarket to buy Australian specialties.
On the morning of December 30th, we had breakfast and went to the airport to prepare for boarding. 

 The trip ended successfully. Everyone unites and helps each other, and the feelings between each other go further.