2018 summary and 2019 opening celebration


       "Ten years of entrepreneurship and striving to create brilliant dream ahead." Evergreen's tenth anniversary is here!

        Ten years of ups and downs, ten years of inheritance and leap, ten years of hand in hand has made Evergreen achieve what Evergreen has done so far. Over the past ten years, Evergreen's team has been growing steadily, retaining the backbone of dreams and injecting vigorous new blood. The business of Hong Kong Head Office, Shenzhen Branch and Canada Branch have been booming.

       2018 is a harvest year, and we made achievements from the efforts of all colleagues, from the trust of all customers, from the support of relatives and friends

        Resigning the old days and welcoming the new days, in order to thank everyone for their hard work and contribution to the company, we held our annual meeting on January 1,2019.

        This year's annual meeting is divided into two major sections: the annual summary meeting and the dinner.

        The annual summary meeting was held in Shenzhen Branch. The chairman and colleagues in Hong Kong came to the company early to prepare their work. The meeting is divided into two parts. The first part is the leadership meeting. Each department reports on the work of its own department last year and accepts the work requirements and suggestions from the chairman for the coming year. The second part is the assembly meeting. At the beginning, the chief operating officer summarized the overall situation of the company last year, analyzed the good and the shortcomings, and made the difficulties encountered in the planning and analysis of 2019. During the meeting, the chairman of the board issued a guiding speech and made an outlook for the coming year. Finally, the meeting ended with a full of applause from everyone.

        The end of the meeting is not the end of the annual event, but the beginning of our year-end carnival! When we arrived at the hotel, we started the party. Everyone was happy and had a good time to enjoy the food and taste the wine.

        Just as everyone was drinking, the dinner ushered in a climax. At the beginning of the annual commendation, the chairman and general manager delivered a thank-you to all the employees, thanking everyone for their contributions. A series of certificates, bonuses were awarded. "Excellent Team Award", "Excellent Performance Award", "Best Progress Award", "Most Potential Award", "Comprehensive Expert Award" and "Long-Term Contribution Award", etc., by the company's leadership.

Excellent Team Award

Excellent Performance Award

Best Progress Award

Most Potential Award

Comprehensive Expert Award

Long-Term Contribution Award

        In order to let everyone laugh and relax, the next sweepstakes will push everyone's enthusiasm To the climax!

     We gathered here this night.  Laughter filled the room.  Let’s shake off all the troubles and worries, and just enjoy.

     The entire annual event ended successfully in laughter, and it also symbolized that the new journey of 2019 has set sail. I wish all Evergrenners a wonderful future!