ERP System Management System

       The company fully uses ERP system, from supplier introduction, cooperation to service, and carries out full implementation control.

Quality Control Process

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       Evergreen ensures that customers are provided with the best quality components through a rigorous and mature supplier management system. All suppliers must pass a series of assess such as business scale, business qualification, transaction history and other links and use hierarchical management. The deep grasp of suppliers allows us to provide reliable sources of supply even in the face of the most critical situation in the market.

Employee Professional Skills Training 

       Strictly implement the quality management system to provide quality management professional skills training for employees.  

-- Component Packaging Inspection 

-- Component Appearance Inspection 

-- Standard Operation of Warehousing and Transportation of Components

-- Performance Testing of Components

Quality Detection Process
       Evergreen adheres to ISO9001:2008 management requirements, and has strict appearance and performance test on incoming materials. Meanwhile, Evergreen always makes sure that the product is original material, and the performance of the component can meet its own specifications requirements.  

Component Delivery—> Package Inspection—> Verify and Control Order Material Details—>Component Visual Inspection—> Component Performance Test—> Check Result Approval

After-sales service

       Specify long-term cooperation with carrier partners, make sure the traceability of transportation process, and make a commitment to "product can be returned with quality issues within 30 days "

       Technical Support for Third-Party Electronic Component Testing Center

       The company fully uses the ERP system, from The introduction of suppliers, cooperation to services, the implementation of management and control.