IQC Feed Inspection

       The company's incoming materials are strictly tested in accordance with professional methods and technology so as to ensure the quality and safety of products.

A: X-ray Test

       X-ray Test is a non-destructive testing. For rapid analysis of internal defects of products, X-ray can detect the internal structure of products and figure out whether there are defects, voids, crack and other abnormalities.


B: I-V Electrical Characteristic Test

       I-V electrical characteristic test provides characteristic measurement on DC module and conductor module, as well as EFA Electrical Failure Analysis. It can test the resistance difference of each functional foot of the measured sample. The foot number is up to 1024 Pins.


       1. Supporting various encapsulation forms of Socket;

       2. Quickly comparing the potential of abnormal foot position;

       3. Multiple measurement modes can be selected (EX: Pin-all, pin-pin);


       4. Automatic comparison of results.

C: Chip Opening Test

       For all kinds of packaging components, it can offer    the best method for chip opening (Decap), and degunmming (Compound Removal).

       1. Decap

       LED, GaAs chip, vehicle chip, optical coupling chip.

       2. Special Opening (Decap)

       Backside, MEMS, packaging material manufacturing, all kinds of packaging disassembly.

       3. Chemical Etching Analysis

       Bullet crater test, solder oil/stain removal, chemical etching photoresist removal, pin foot cleaning.

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